Nexum supplies ROV skids to Innova

Nexum Engineering AS (Nexum) has been contracted by Innova AS provision of two ROV skids. The skids will be delivered in January 2015, and will be deployed for highly specialised installation and intervention work in the North Sea. The contract includes design, fabrication and testing of the ROV skids. The system is based around a standardised ROV skid concept developed by Nexum. This concept includes a hydraulically operated centre drawer providing room and hydraulic facilities for a variety of ROV tooling. The drawer can easily be exchanged without disconnecting the skid from the ROV, allowing for increased flexibility and reduced time spent reconfiguring the ROV during tooling exchange.

The ROV skid is designed with pontoons on either side, which holds the buoyance elements and compartments for lead to adjust buoyancy and weight. The skid is connected to the ROV by four connection points, which are accessible from the outside allowing for quick and easy mounting of the skids.A standardised, compact hydraulic motor/pump converter (Dirty Work Pack) and a 7-function PVG32 Valve Central provides hydraulic power and control for the associated tooling, integrated with the control system developed by Innova. The PVG32 Valve Central is based on industrial standard Danfoss PVG pressure compensated valves, converted for subsea use, and can be configured with a variety of highly accurate proportional, pressure compensated valve functions with flow rates ranging from 0-5l/min and up to 0-130l/min. The hydraulic system includes proportional pump control for the hydraulic supply, as well as individual pressure and flow control of the outputs. A completely self-contained hydraulic system, the skid includes reservoirs, filters (including water filter) in addition to the Dirty Work Pack and Valve Central. The ROV skid enables transport and control of a variety of high precision hydraulic functions and tooling, whilst maintaining a simple interface and minimal size and weight.