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Back seal test panel

  • Test pressure range: 0-200 bar

  • Test hoses 3m length

  • ROV operated ball valve

  • Pressure Gauge

Buoyancy cage

A product for increasing safety of installing and removing buoyancy elements.

Customer: Deep Ocean /Statoil

Project description:
- Developing a tool for increasing safety of installing and removing buoyancy elements.
- Completed a successful offshore campaign.


Effective volume: 0.1l, 4l, 10l, 18l & 26l

- Aluminium or plastic/SS316
- Optional volume sensor
- Low friction
- Springs placed inside

Dirty work pack (DWP)

The Nexum Dirty Work Pack (DWP) is compact, simple to incorporate, and service friendly. All components are well proven and easy to service, and all hydraulic connections are located in the end plate.
The motor circuit on the DWP has a built-in start/stop valve for remote start/stop and has a flow regulator valve for speed control. 

The pump circuit has a built-in pressure relief valve. The pump can be internally pressure compensated, remote pressure regulated or connected to a load sensing valve system. When the supply and pump pressure is the same, the flow rate is 66% of supply flow. The unit is rated to full ocean depth. The DWP can be delivered as a complete unit with oil filters and compensators. The skid can be assembled as a backpack for rear end interface, or a flat skid for interface underneath the ROV.

ROV knife


  • SS316 - stainless steel

  • 10 ROV knifes in one package

Subsea basket

  • DNV 2.7-3 Subsea certified

  • Same footprint as a 20’ ISO container

  • ISO corners for sea fastening and onshore transport

  • Single point lift

  • 12.5 Tons Payload.

  • 14 Tons Dry weight

  • D-rings for securing payload

Swivel manifold

When a ROV works with hoses connected between tool/hot stab and tooling manifold, every movement of the will ROV result in torque in the hoses. To reduce this risk, it is possible to use quick connectors in one end of the hose. This solution will reduce the risk, but QC freeze up when pressurised.

The Nexum swivel is designed not to freeze when pressurised. The swivel seals are tested for long life and low friction under pressure.

The Nexum swivel is designed in 316 stainless steel or hard anodised aluminium.

3/8’’ BSP - max 270 bar (3 900 psi) aluminium
SS316 3/8’’ BSP - max 690 bar (10 000 psi) SS316

Vacuum unit

Technical Specification:

  • Supply air pressure: 4,5 BAR

  • Max working pressure: 6 BAR

  • Nozzle diameter: Ø 0,5 MM

  • Max. Vacuum pressure: -0,88 BAR

  • Max. Suction flow: 5 L/MIN

  • Air consumption: 13 L/MIN

Connection air in: Air quick connector (HANSEN 3000)

Connection vacuum: 1/4" Tube

Dimensions case: 420 X 325 X 170 MM

Weight: Approx. 7 KG

Valvepack based on Danfoss PVG

We deliver valvepacks based on Danfoss PVG.

Based on Danfoss PVG/PVE valve centrals
Configurable for 1 to 8 valve modules. Can also be suited with a LS AB kit for controlling the flow and pressure for each valve. Tested to -3000m

PVG valve centralThe PVG 32 valve central has been leading on marine and land-based equipment since the seventies. Now Nexum Engineering and Hyco – the local Sauer Danfoss dealer, has made a subsea conversion kit for the valve. The kit is made to utilise the features built into the PVG 32 system.

Speed to markedTogether Nexum and Hyco aim to keep all parts necessary for building a subsea valve on the shelf.

FlexibilityThe flexible “Lego” building system used by Danfoss make it possible to tailor made each valve central to suit most applications. The system allows you to add or subtract valves from The flexible “Lego” building system used by Danfoss make it possible to tailor made each valve central to suit most applications. The system allows you to add or subtract valves from the stack. It is also possible to change spool capacity.

BenefitsThe PVG 32 valve is fully proportional with a large variety of spools available. The spools are divided in groups that refer to maximum flow out. The PGV 32 valve has a pressure compensator in each section. This feature allows the operator to run hydraulic fluid into several users with different need for flow and pressure at the same time.

CapacitiesThe lowest flow rate is 0-5L/min and 0-130L/min is the highest flow rate available. In between there is 16, 25, 65, and 100L/min.

Electric controlThe valve central can be supplied with an Innova PWM 16 amplifier card. PWM 16 card is adapted to the Innova Cute GUI, but the card can also be controlled by tailor-made GUI.

Pressure controlDanfoss PVG 32 can be set up to limit the pressure out on each port. The Nexum subsea kit can be equipped with an extra proportional pressure relief valve. The electric spool on this valve can be remote controlled and allows the pressure to be reduced individually on the a and b port.

Material and surface treatmentThe Danfoss valve is fabricated in cast steel. To ensure properly life in seawater the valve is painted. The Nexum subsea kit is made in hard anodised aluminium.

Valvepack based on NG6 Valve

We can deliver 6 x NG6 valves available for water/glycol applications.

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